Baking With Love And Care

Since December 1994 the city of Chandigarh has savored and relished the flavors of Europe; our cakes, patisserie, cookies, breads and sandwiches have tickled the taste buds of all age groups.

Unquestionable Taste

Our products are based on traditional home-style recipes, using fresh ingredients and no preservatives or chemicals.

Uncompromising Quality

From our ingredients to our kitchen operations & guest services, we always prioritize quality.

Enjoy Your Celebrations With Us!

Monicas trademark is the cakes and patisseries and we at all times aspire to maintain our standards; with over 40 varieties in fresh cream, seasonal fruits, nuts and tea cakes, our stuff is ordered in bulk for parties across the tricity as well as in towns of Punjab.

Tea-Time Delights

Pick the perfect companion for your tea or coffee from a range of tea cakes & more.